Different Types Of Dental Caps For Your Oral Needs

Dental caps are positioned over damaged teeth to shield them from further deterioration. Professional dentists commonly custom-make dental crowns which flawlessly match your need. The crown will assist repair your smile and the tooth’s functionality. It may be quite difficult to chew with a damaged tooth. Furthermore, on most occasions, a damaged tooth is at greater risk of decay. Therefore, dental caps’ protection makes them a great solution instead of removing the damaged teeth and weakening your dental structure.

Why Are Wisdom Teeth Typically Removed?

While some people are lucky enough to get to keep them, a lot of people need to have their wisdom teeth removed at some point during their lives. If you haven’t had yours removed yet and don’t know why you might need to, here are a couple of reasons. Not Enough Space The most common reason for removing wisdom teeth is a simple one: there’s simply not enough space available for those four teeth to move in.