Different Types Of Dental Caps For Your Oral Needs

Dental caps are positioned over damaged teeth to shield them from further deterioration. Professional dentists commonly custom-make dental crowns which flawlessly match your need. The crown will assist repair your smile and the tooth's functionality. It may be quite difficult to chew with a damaged tooth. Furthermore, on most occasions, a damaged tooth is at greater risk of decay. Therefore, dental caps' protection makes them a great solution instead of removing the damaged teeth and weakening your dental structure. There are exclusive styles of dental caps, which vary depending on their substances. They include:


Porcelain dental caps will resemble the natural look of your teeth. The resemblance of the porcelain crowns to the teeth could be very significant, especially if the affected teeth are apparent when you smile. The downside of porcelain crowns is that they may not be as strong as metallic dental caps and might have an effect on the adjoining teeth from time to time.

Resin Dental Caps

Resin dental caps are frequently preferred because of their affordability. They additionally require minimal preparation and are consequently time-efficient. Like porcelain crowns, they may be color-matched to align nicely with your natural teeth. However, these less-expensive dental caps can cost you because they are not as long-lasting as you expect. Resin caps will be appropriate if you need a quick remedy for your damaged teeth.

Metal Dental Crowns

Metal is an enduring material and gives greater balance compared to different caps. Depending on your preference, you can get your metallic dental crowns with gold coating, copper, or platinum. Besides their strong nature, metallic dental crowns are preferred because they do not often affect the adjoining tooth. Metallic crowns are generally used on molars due to their robust nature.

Porcelain Dental Crowns with Metal Base

Some porcelain dental crowns have a metallic base that gives greater balance than full porcelain crowns. These crowns may be appropriate if you need to restore your damaged teeth without the metallic appearance on dental formulae. The metallic base is nicely tucked into your gums, permitting the porcelain material to match the color of your teeth.

A consultation with your dentist can help you decide which kind of dental crown is right for you. Besides protecting your teeth dental crowns can also be used for cosmetic purposes in cases where you need a more aligned and beautiful smile.

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